Covid - 19 Update

Home Visits

Senior citizens usually need the most attention when it comes to eye health. Some elderly people may have difficulty travelling to and from the practice, and sometimes carers are unavailable for the appointment time slots. There are also other issues associated with mobility such as lack of public transport or navigation problems. This is why we at The Eyestore Opticians provide home visits to those who cannot make it into practice.

You can be absolutely sure about the quality of eye care provided by The Eyestore Opticians. You will be given a thorough eye examination along with the quality of care. Our optometrist is fully qualified and properly experienced in conducting eye examinations at home. We are proud to provide such a high level in eye care and try our best to make the appointment that is most convenient for you.

If the optometrist prescribes the use of glasses then these are readily available and we are able to provide a range of different choices to suit your preference. If the patient is eligible for NHS funding then a contribution towards the glasses may be provided.

The glasses should be custom made for you within 14 days after the visit. Following this, another small appointment will be made to ensure that your glasses are fitted correctly and comfortable for you.

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